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Get Involved: Become a Local Volunteer!

Did you know that Houston SCBWI is completely run by volunteers? 

In order to offer–and expand–our chapter’s programming, we need members who are willing to step up and fill key volunteer positions. If you’re interested in donating your time and talents to our chapter, please read the following descriptions of currently open positions. You can apply by filling out a short questionnaire


Please Note:

-Volunteer positions are open to members of Houston SCBWI

-Selections will be made by the Regional Team 

-All volunteers report directly to the Co-Regional Advisors and must sign and abide by a Volunteer Agreement


Please direct any questions to our chapter’s Co-Regional Advisors, Meghan Senkel  ( and Kaye Marc-Charles ( Thank you for your interest and for supporting Houston SCBWI!

Positions will remain open until filled.

Critique Connection Coordinator


This position catalogs existing critique groups, fosters the development of new groups, and facilitates the introduction of those seeking critique groups/partners.

Position Duties:

-Chapter volunteer, reports directly to the Regional Team

-Acts as the main point of contact for those seeking a critique group or having trouble accessing the Critique Connection

-Manager and gatekeeper of a spreadsheet which 1) collects the sensitive information (name & email) of individual critique group/partner seekers; and 2) catalogs existing critique groups within the region

-Updates and manages critique group data, including if they’re active, accepting new members, location, genre, contact info, etc…

The ideal candidate is a detail- & organization-focused individual, who’s not afraid of a spreadsheet. Must be able to work within the Google Docs/Sheets environment online and be comfortable with emailing as the primary form of communication. Pluses include: a friendly and welcoming online presence, a willingness to serve  membership by facilitating critique connections within the region, and a deep and abiding love of databases.

Anticipated Time Requirement:

Ongoing throughout the year. Must be available on a weekly, if not daily basis to answer questions & troubleshoot as necessary; however the anticipated time commitment is 2-4 hours per month, with potential increase during start-up and during biannual database updates.

Event Webmaster & Ticketing Manager


This position is critical to the success of the chapter’s in-person and online events, as it develops event-specific webpages for large events, like conferences, and manages the backend ticketing system to ensure a smooth registration process for events which can exceed 200 attendees.

Position Duties:

-Creates web pages for paid events like conferences and webinars

-Sets up and manages event tickets, from creation through event registration

-Manages and troubleshoots event ticketing (communicates with the Regional Team regarding ticketing status and any issues any payment, registration, and website issues that may occur during registration.

The ideal candidate is a self starter who’s detail-focused. Web savvy Jack-of-Many-Trades. Must have experience with HTML, WordPress, and the Google Suite of online documents. Pluses include: patience for a sometimes unwieldy website.

Anticipated Time Requirement:

Needed only in the weeks prior to events. The largest time commitment is typically before and during open conference registration with creation & setup of conference-related webpages and regular monitoring of tickets and troubleshooting issues done throughout the 8-6 weeks prior to open registration.

*Our former webmaster will be available to provide training and answer questions.*

NEW: Membership Coordinator


This position represents our chapter’s welcome (and sometimes farewell) committee and will be the first point of contact for many of the chapter’s new members. In addition, this position calls for the management and upkeep of member rosters and the hosting of several member events per year.

Position Duties:

-Welcomes new members using an email template

-Sends renewal reminder emails to expiring members

-Follows up via email with lapsed members reminding them to join or encouraging them to rejoin

-Updates and maintains member access to members-only chapter offerings

-Plans one free event for members per year

-Plans and executes a minimum of two new member orientations/socials per year

-Collects recent member success stories to share on chapter website

The ideal candidate is a self-starter who’s people-oriented and detail-focused. Must be comfortable with email and the Google Suite of online documents and Google Drive storage. Pluses include: an outgoing and welcoming attitude.

Anticipated Time Requirement:

Time commitment is anticipated to be 2-4 hours monthly, plus the occasional 4-6 hours to set up and participate in members only events.

NEW: PAL (Published and Listed) Coordinator


This position functions as liaison between the Regional Team and the chapter’s PAL members in order to better serve those members through events, promotion, items of interest, and more! This position is open to PAL members only.

Position Duties:

-Collects PAL member success stories (both author and illustrator) and/or interviews for publication on chapter website, social media, and in the newsletter

-Plans and executes 1-2 events per year, exclusive to PAL members

-Manages & updates the Speakers Bureau section of the website

-Works with the Regional Team to develop other PAL-specific programming and/or benefits (ie: semiannual PAL-only newsletter, regular PAL-related newsletter column, etc…)

-Coordinates with General Webmaster to make sure PAL member events are on the chapter calendar

-Posts PAL-related information and events to the listserv

The ideal candidate is a current member with PAL status, who is people-oriented and a self starter. Must be comfortable with email and the Google Suite of online documents and Google Drive storage.

Anticipated Time Requirement:

Time commitment is anticipated to be 2-4 hours monthly, plus the occasional 4-6 hours to set up and participate in PAL-only events.


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