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2017 Houston SCBWI Conference Sunday Intensives





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Novel Writing Intensive: At the Corner of Plot and Character 

Presented by Author Bruce Coville.

Writers are concerned about plot. Writers are concerned about character. But what we should really be concerned about is the ways in which plot and character intersect – how plot reveals character, and how character drives plot. In this workshop Bruce will focus on these dual, intertwined aspects of storytelling, as demonstrated in his famous “Puddle Story.”


Picture Book Intensive: Finding the Funny

Presented by Author Jennifer Hamburg.

We know kids love to laugh, but when it comes to picture books, humor can be hard! In this fun (and funny) picture book intensive, we'll look at the different ways humor can shape a story, what types of humor works best for young children, how illustrations help bring funny stories to life, and how authors can develop their own brand of funny that keeps kids giggling. Please bring up to 500 words of a picture book manuscript – humor encouraged!


Illustrator Intensive: Developing Character 

Presented by Random House Childrens' Books Executive Creative Director Martha Rago.

Character is extremely important to picture books. It can be the hook, the mirror to the reader, the element that engages them and pulls them in. Whether subtle or outrageous, the characters are almost always the key piece that makes the drama credible and the story-telling effective.

This intensive builds on the foundations from the breakout session with a special focus on the characters. You have already mapped out a story, put it into a dummy and developed the images to tell a story as effectively as possible. You have probably discovered through this process how important the characters are to creating drama and sustaining interest. The characters, the details of their world that reinforces who they are, and the drama they create combined will make them believable, compelling and appealing. In this intensive we will focus on developing characters that can carry that responsibility.  

Illustrator Intensive assignment details will be emailed to participants following registration.